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Message from RSL

Having graduated from school and entered adult life, all Rover Scouts face life-long challenges as they make their own decisions for their new identities.

I always brief our young “adults” that if you still have activities/ badges/ plans that are not being completed in previous years, here at the Rover Scout Crew, you are given the platform, and indeed the final chance for you to reach for success as a youth member.  The journey may not be easy and you may often find yourself working alone, but be rest assured, you all receive the necessary support and resources to achieve any idea provided that you follow the duty to god.   All you need is a little spark, to keep yourselves motivated.  

To begin this new chapter in life, I hope my fellows will follow their own beliefs and perform their own talents in their respective fields, by bearing in mind the famous quote from our founder Lord Robert Baden-Powell, ‘We never fail when we try to do our duty, we always fail when we neglect to do it.’

Philip Wong


Management Committee

The Management Committee is in charge of the development of the rover scout section.  This year, our committee will explore our new role in the group and establish a strategy for expanding the rover scout crew. To live true to the group's motto of "scout for and with others," members of our organization have joined a number of community service teams and actively participated in community initiatives. Our team is also participating in a variety of training events as well as involved in XVHK management projects to develop our abilities in many areas. 

Ng Koon Tat


Ng Koon Tat – Chairman

Yu Kan Chung – Treasurer

Wong Timothy Bryan – Secretary

Ng Tin Long Chris – Co-Advisor (Previous Chairman)

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