Profile — Ching Chi Lap, Philip


Extracted from the webpage of Wan Yan (Hong Kong) Past Students Association

Philip graduated from Wah Yan College Hong Kong (the “School” or “Wah Yan”) in 1954.

The incessant love and dedication of Philip to his alma mater has been demonstrated through his distinguished services and contributions in different areas of the Wah Yan Community, including Wah Yan (Hong Kong) Past Students Association, Wah Yan International Conference, the Students of the Year Scheme (SOYS), the 15th Hong Kong Scout Group (XVHK), Wah Yan Dramatic Society and several Wah Yan school development projects.


Philip is one of the most prominent old scouts of 15th HK Group (Wah Yan scouts) (“XVHK”). He had laid down a solid foundation, upon which, XVHK has been developed as a very outstanding scout group in Hong Kong.

Philip joined XVHK as a scout in 1948 when he was admitted to Wah Yan and since then, he had greatly involved in the activities and the development of the XVHK and the Scout Association of Hong Kong all through his life. He has been the XVHK troop leader. He formed the Sea-scouts group in XVHK. He also established the “Scout of the Year” in XVHK and awarded the overseas visit to the Scout of the Year. In addition, he established the scouts-parents association and re-organized the BP Old Scout Club of XVHK in the 90s.

Philip had served as committee member, vice-chairman and chairman of the Executive Committee of the Scout Association of Hong Kong for many years. He worked with many other scouts, especially those Wahyanite scouts including Dr. Chau Chamson, Sir Gordon Wu and Dr. Patrick Wu etc., in building the Headquarters of the Scout Association of Hong Kong in Tsim Sha Tsui. He has been one of the key scouts in the development of XVHK and Scouts in Hong Kong.


Philip is fondly remembered as Uncle Philip by the young generations and he is very pleased to witness many Wahyanites are now following his footsteps to contribute to Wah Yan and XVHK. Philip passed away peacefully on 19th January 2022 at the age of 86. He will be remembered truly as “A Man For and With Others”.

Extracted from Hong Kong Scouting No. 141